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ADD alkaline condition dyeing disperse dyes

Recommended Dyeing Technique of Polyester

Water quality: hardness≤50ppm

Formula: Runtu ADD disperse dye x%(o.w.f)

scouring dyeing one-time bath agent: 1-3%(o.w.f)

chelated dispersant: proper amount

Attention: It's necessary to consider the residual low polymer in the pipes and valves of the vat, when operate first alkaline condition dyeing. The impact from low polymer may be more than normal dyeing. The low polymer can be completely gotten rid of until through 3-5 alkaline condition dyeing; when there are low requirements to the color fastness, directly put rongalite to operate reduction clearing in order to reduce dyeing waste water, while the temperature reduces to some 80ºC after dyeing and keeping warm.

Recommended Dyeing Technique of Polyester/Cotton

1. Recommended dyeing technique of deep color polyester/cotton needed oxygen bleaching:

2. Recommended dyeing technique of light and medium color polyester/cotton:

3. Recommended dyeing technique of polyester/cotton: suits disperse dye dyeing, which is sensitive to oxydol.